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How To Maintain Your Brand’s Luster


To maintain a brand’s “in” status with the masses, it should always look for new, interesting ways to innovate. Without…

How To Cultivate Controversy Through Branding


As stated in the examples given on the article, controversies can be seen in a negative or positive light depending…

How To Be Inspired by Disney’s Branding


Disneyland started small and local and ended up being one of the most massive businesses around, with solid marketing and…

How To Create A “Brand Evangelist”


To create a “brand evangelist”, we must have passion in keeping in touch with our clients, being more personal with…

Why You Should Know Your Customers


It is important to know your clients and customers well. It is not enough to know their basic info. You…

Top 3 Things You Should Do To Have Loyal Customers


Want to have loyal customers? Remember these 3 things: 1) Keep your customers excited - Build their excitement and anticipation…

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