Why JavaScipt Does Not Improve Your Medical Website

JavaScript for a medical website is not a good idea. When designing medical websites, the use of JavaScript should be minimized. While this may sound absurd, it’s true. You can check at HIT Consultant to see if a site is efficiently using Javascript or not.

Why the JavaScript Revolution Wasn’t the Answer We Were Looking For

The JavaScript Revolution was a big step in the right direction for programmers. It was a solid programming language with a lot of benefits. However, the revolution didn’t live up to its hype and expectations.

JavaScript is still considered an entry-level programming language, but it has evolved significantly in recent years. The language has been updated with features that make it easier to write code and more powerful as well.

It is not just about coding anymore – there are several use cases for JavaScript outside of coding as well, such as content generation and web development.

There are some very important reasons for minimizing JavaScript usage:

  • It significantly slows down page load time and reduces the number of simultaneous downloads that the medical website can handle.
  • Even though JavaScript makes a medical website look good, it does not necessarily improve its ranking.
  • A large number of search engine crawlers do not execute JavaScript, and hence will never be able to access certain parts of the medical website.

Medical Websites need to be designed in such a way that they are compatible with different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. The problem with the above-mentioned browsers is that they are very different from each other in terms of their JavaScript compatibility and in terms of what JavaScript they support. Hence, if a site’s JavaScript code is written based on one particular browser, it might not work on another browser.

To make sure your site is compatible with different browsers, you need to test your website on them.

For the best search engine results, a medical website must provide rich and relevant content on its pages. Using JavaScript for the medical website makes it difficult for search engines to index the content of a page. It is because links can be accessed only through JavaScript. The text used in some JavaScript links might not be crawled by a search engine or might be attributed to the wrong page.

Using JavaScript makes it difficult for screen reader software used by people with disabilities to access content on a website. The keyboard focus gets locked within a particular JavaScript window; making it impossible for these users to navigate through links and forms in other windows. Moreover, screen reader software is not able to access content on the page, because it’s hidden from view using JavaScript.

JavaScript for a medical website should be used only when necessary. If you are contemplating adding some dynamic features or special effects to your site, think again. You could instead use server-side technologies that would produce the same results.

Final Thoughts

JavaScript is a programming language that can make web pages easier to build and maintain. It has many benefits, which include being more concise, efficient, and modular. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will improve medical websites since there are many other factors that affect the website’s performance. These were some of the disadvantages of using JavaScript for a medical website. The best practice would be to keep JavaScript usage to a minimum.

We hope that you have found this information useful. If you’d like to get help from us to do this for your website or design a beautiful new site with all of this included, please let us know about your project by clicking here.

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