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When Is A Medical Web Design At Its Best?

Medical professionals are a discerning bunch, and their opinions are not driven by trends or fads. They want websites that provide relevant information, helpful material that they can use in their practice, and ideally an opportunity to engage with your medical content on social media sites such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Medical Web Design is Best When it Focuses On These Goals:

  •  A medical web design needs to be inviting and contain fewer distractions than other sites. Medical professionals want a site they can use as an information source rather than a browsing experience.
  • Its web design should use easy-to-read fonts that are a minimum of 11 points for body text, as larger font sizes reduce readability on mobile devices. Medical professionals don’t have time to squint at small print or strain to read complicated layouts. These companies recommend using ChunkFive for body text and Open Sans for headings. Medical professionals are more likely to use mobile devices than other web users, so the website should be easy to read on smartphones and tablets with a responsive design.

  • These need images that illustrate concepts and engage readers. Medical companies recommend using a combination of professional stock photos and engaging photos and screenshots from your medical company. Most medical professionals want to see images that make sense for the topic at hand, not just pretty pictures. Medical web design needs a content strategy that guides writers to use keywords effectively throughout the site to provide information about your medical products or services without alienating visitors who aren’t interested in medical jargon.
  • A medical web design should be easy to navigate with clear calls to action and a website content strategy. Medical professionals expect a site that is simple to use, with buttons and options that are easy to identify. It should contain specific calls to action (such as “learn more”) rather than vague phrases (“click here”). Medical companies recommend keeping the number of calls to action to a minimum. These companies also recommend implementing a website content strategy as well as writing calls-to-action that are appropriate for mobile devices and search engine optimization.

Web Design Needs to be Easy to Read on Any Device, from Desktop Computers to Mobile Phones

Medical web design needs to be engaging and provide relevant information in an accessible format for doctors and medical professionals. They recommend effective keyword placement, focusing on the user experience, and providing helpful calls to action rather than vague phrases.

Medical web design should feature high-quality images that make sense within the context of the site while avoiding too many distracting images. It should be simple to use and easy to navigate, providing relevant information without a complicated layout or excessive text. These companies recommend clear calls-to-action that are visible on all devices, with a website content strategy that provides helpful, educational information in an accessible format for doctors and medical professionals. Some medical professionals want a medical web design that is focused on the specific needs and goals of their industry, with high-quality content that is easy to understand and navigate.

We hope that you have found this information useful and will use these tips to increase your current search engine rankings. If you’d like to get help from us to do this for your website or design a beautiful new site with all of this included, please let us know about your project by clicking here.

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