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Established in 2010
Orange County, CA

Chris Clay

Chris Clay


Chris Clay is an accomplished CEO and Founder of The Clay Media, a company that specializes in providing top-notch web management solutions for celebrities, athletes, and high-end brands. With years of experience in the field, Chris has built a reputation as a leading expert in the industry.

Prior to founding The Clay Media, Chris worked as a Video Coordinator for the Cleveland Indians, where he gained valuable skills and insights into the world of sports and entertainment. During his time with the team, he was able to learn how to effectively manage content and engage audiences on a large scale.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies from UC Irvine. Over the years, he has honed his skills in digital marketing, SEO, online marketing, and lead generation. This background has equipped him with the necessary tools to succeed in his current role as CEO of The Clay Media.

His company is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client. From web design and development to social media management and branding, The Clay Media offers a full suite of services to help celebrities, athletes, and high-end brands achieve their goals and reach their audiences.

In addition to his professional work, Chris has a passion for music and spends his free time creating exceptional music - sounds, beats, and packs.