Grow Your Business With these 3 metrics

The 3 Metrics You HAVE To Know To Grow Your Business

If you have something to sell, and someone to sell it to, you’re in business! That’s the easy part. To actually grow your business you need to systematically connect the thing that you sell to your customers, and do it at scale. Grow Your Business With Simple Math You have to know: How much you can spend […]

What’s the ‘Z’ Theory of Management and How It Can Change Your Business

When we employ the “Z” theory of management, we build and nurture a “team” in our company. When an issue arises, it’s not just the boss’ problem or the employee’s problem…it’s OUR problem and we will work together to arrive at an effective, long-term solution the problem.   What’s your management style? How do you […]

The Only 5 Things You Need to Master Sales Follow-Up

These 5 “not-so” secrets shared by Dan Kennedy will revolutionize and transform any business as long as these secrets are combined into one cohesive, automated, fail-safe system. These 5 secrets are: 1) Master the art of “cherry-picking” – Your sales team should not only focus on hot leads alone. You should dedicate some time to […]

The Best Way To Reward Your Team

Most employers act as if they’re paying people to show up to work. In reality, you’re only attempting to purchase certain behaviors and results connected to those behaviors, including cooperative and even enthusiastic compliance with your program. So all compensation should be tied as clearly and directly as possible to those objectives. To effectively develop […]

Why You Need Emotional Factors In Your Sales Campaigns

Everyone is influenced by emotions when buying, even the affluent. These emotional factors, or “e-factors”, the affluent have are the following: insecurity fear of being found to be fakers desperate desire not to commit a faux pas wanting to be “today, not passé” feeding their emotional emptiness giving themselves gold stars what’s the point of […]

3 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Sales

To get the most out of our sales team, you must employ the following strategies: 1) Invest in your sales people – Support and work closely with your top performers, and you will get more sales. 2) Use your sales team properly – Let your successful and effective sales people spend most of their time […]

Why Building Relationships Can Increase Your Profits

Most of the time, we focus on generating sales from new prospects and forget that we can also create sales within our existing clients thru referrals. By simply taking care and wow-ing our existing pool of clients, we create opportunities for us to receive referrals. With 3 easy steps, we can strengthen our relationships with […]

How To Create A “Brand Evangelist”

To create a “brand evangelist”, we must have passion in keeping in touch with our clients, being more personal with them, and becoming proactive and assertive in locking in and automating certain kinds of repeat patronage. This way, we create the committed customer who can then eventually evolve into an evangelist by simply integrating our […]

Why You Need to Start “StorySelling”

Storyselling works for the affluent and not-so-affluent customer/client because of the way it is relatable and creates a feeling that’s “close to home”. Storyselling has a handful of benefits, such as: 1) Simplicity 2) Authenticity 3) Visibility 4) Relevancy   Have you tried “storyselling” for your business? How was it? Let us in with your […]

3 Forces To Create Excitement For Your Business

What forces will pre-sell yourself and your business to the affluent? These 3 forces are collectively called the Business Trifecta, namely; Media, PR and Marketing. These 3 forces should work hand-in-hand and should be balanced accordingly because one without the other is generally not enough to make a sale. All 3 must be put together […]

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