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The 7 Biggest Business Website Mistakes: And Why You Should Care!

Did you know that your website is your most valuable marketing asset today? It is the first impression potential clients and visitors have of you. Your customers and clients visit your website the first time they want to learn more about what you do and how to get in touch with you. Therefore, ensuring that your website is doing its job effectively is crucial! 

The business sector today operates in cut-throat competition with the presence of so many business websites. Unfortunately, most businesses make some of the biggest business website mistakes that affect the effectiveness of their website. As a result, these businesses struggle to grab the attention of their target market. 

A good website will help you do that, while a poor one could cost you a fortune and cause your business to sink. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top seven biggest business website mistakes that companies make with their websites. 

Let’s dig into those mistakes.

No clear Call to Action(s)

If you’re reading this, you’ve undoubtedly clicked on several call-to-action buttons throughout your advertisements. For instance, have you ever signed up for a Dropbox or created a Netflix or WordPress account? You most likely signed up after seeing an enticing CTA that enticed you to click, sign up, or make a purchase.

A CTA (Call-To-Action) on a website is like a sales close that prompts or encourages the visitor to take the desired action. For example, suggesting to your customers to buy a product, subscribe to your email list, get an estimate, or otherwise get in touch with your business for details. A call to action might also be a phone number to call, an email address to contact, or a form to fill out that needs to be prominently displayed on the top half of the front page.

All your site content should be geared towards convincing visitors why they should trust you and give you their business, and the call to action is the tagline that informs them of the next step. A lack of quality call-to-actions on your website can negatively impact the performance of your marketing campaigns.

No Credibility elements

You can say all the nicest things about yourself or your product, but they won’t matter to your website visitors if you are the only one saying it. Your visitors just met you. Therefore, they don’t trust you yet and won’t believe what you say. Thus, to overcome buyer skepticism, you need substantial credibility aspects on your website. 

The most impressive ones include customer testimonials, logos of your clients, “as featured in…” section, awards, certifications, statistics about your number of customers, sales volume, and other well-known accreditations that make your business ”appear” big, one that that’s expanding and successful. Without these credibility elements, your website visitors will only be able to judge you by your marketing propaganda, which isn’t enough. In short, your credibility weakens if you have no evidence to back up your claims.

Poor Design

There has been extensive research on factors driving visitors away from a website. In technical language, this is the bounce rate. A high bounce rate means more visitors have abandoned or left your website. Therefore, a website’s bounce rate must be as low as possible.

So, what makes visitors leave/ abandon a website?

  • – Slow loading pages
  • – Unclear navigation 
  • – ugly themes
  • – Lackluster descriptions
  • – cluttered content 
  • – intrusive advertisements 
  • – Bad color combination
  • – Inconsistent font style etc


Generally, it has a lot to do with poor website design.

Unfortunately, most business owners lack a proper understanding of the concepts of effective web design, leading to a less than ideal website. A unique and compelling website is no longer an option because having a poor site means the loss of customers, and that is money out the door.

No Contact Details

Strangely, lack of contact information is one of the biggest business website mistakes. If your contact information is difficult to find, your audience and potential will stop paying attention and leave the site. 

If a visitor decides to purchase or use your services, they must have the necessary contact details the moment they decide you’re the right company for them. However, if a customer has to search through your entire site for contact info, they will likely get frustrated and leave. Your contact details should be at the bottom of every page, and your “Contact Us” page should always be just one click away. Make sure to include any social media links, along with your address, phone number, and email address.

Poor SEO

SEO is the leading source of organic traffic in this digital age, giving businesses the visibility they need to attract more customers. And with over 5 billion daily searches, Google is the best place to have your business found by visitors searching for your products or services. 

A solid SEO strategy helps your business website rank higher on search engines like Google. It allows your content to appear on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) for all the relevant keywords that customers use, bringing them into the sales funnel.

No Social Media

Suppose a website is an extension of the business and social media reflects the company’s values; why not direct the visitors to your social media channels to learn more about the business. The more information they have about you, the easier it is to persuade them to buy your goods or services, right?. 

Most websites don’t integrate their social accounts. This allows the company’s website and social media platforms to be linked and vice versa. As a result, the clients remain informed about the business and its products through the back-and-forth traffic flow. Besides, being on social media has become customary for modern marketing and branding. If a company isn’t utilizing these platforms, they are way behind.

Not Mobile Optimized

If your website is not optimized for mobile, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic. If a user opens your website and it’s entirely unoptimized, their experience will decrease. Therefore It is crucial to check whether your website is easily accessible and optimized for mobile devices

To avoid running the risk of losing users with a site that doesn’t adapt to mobile devices, it’s advisable to hire a designer to create for you a mobile-friendly platform.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your website is optimized for mobile.

  • 1. Make sure your website is responsive.
  • 2. Use a mobile-friendly theme.
  • 3. Optimize your images for mobile devices.
  • 4. Use mobile-friendly plugins.
  • 5. Test your website on mobile devices.


Bottom line: If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’ll probably lose out on a sizable chunk of your potential customers.

Fix Your Website the Correctly!

Now that you are aware of these biggest business website mistakes, examine this list against your website and consider any improvements you can make to improve the functionality of your website to maximize sales and conversions. Despite what most businesses think, your website is more than just a place for your customers to find your contact details. It is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategies: the face of your brand and your 24/7 salesperson. With any of these mistakes, you leave your customers feeling confused and disinterested. This means they will leave the site, leaving your website with no purpose at all. Isn’t that a total waste of money?

At The Clay Media, we’ve been providing web design services since 2011 to hundreds of clients. We are a name you can trust for professional web design. Whether you need a stunning new website, help with online advertising strategies, general consulting or a free website design preview, contact us today!

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