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Your New Marketing Strategy For 2016

Business owners,

It’s vital that your online marketing strategy improves year over year. Sometimes “marketing” and online strategy get placed on the back burner,but savvy businesses understand the importance of having a comprehensiveplan to attract customers and to nurture leads until they are ready to buy yourproduct or service.

There are a few key components to having a successful marketing strategythat will be the exact same no matter what industry you are in.

These components are:
  1. A Strong Headline That States What You Do For Your Customers and the Benefit They Get from It
  2. A Strong Offer for new visitors to your website that would compel them to “register” or give you their name and email at the least, so you are able to follow up with them, with education and testimonials.
  3. A Strong Call To Action: This is often overlooked but it is crucial because not having your prospect or visitor take some sort of action on your website leads to prospect indifference and ultimately a failure to have a reason to “come back” to your site.
  4. A Deadline: If your prospects and potential customers don’t have a reason to “act now”, “When will they ever?” It’s hard enough trying to put together an offer that is attractive to your perfect prospect, so giving them all the time in the world to think about whether or not they’ll actually take advantage of it, typically is a good recipe for “inaction”.

These strategies are fundamental to any business in any industry. Most of the largest companies in the world already use these strategies, but they are sometimes either: watered down, or they are more subtle because the power of their brand speaks loudest.

You may not be in the position to let your “brand” speak for itself, so it’s not smart to follow what the largest companies are doing, because it could be a formula for low results.

The hardcore truth is that if you expect to get results in the New Year with your marketing, you will most likely need to create a strategy that “speaks” a little more loudly to user prospective customer, because if you haven’t gotten results doing what you’re doing, they probably just aren’t hearing you, and you may not be giving them a good enough reason to listen.

Work on those offers. Test different ones are your homepage and drive targeted traffic to your website to seewhat results you get. If you don’t have time to do these things, it’s important to get someone in your company or on your team that can. If you’d like us to help you through this process and use the same strategies that bring our private clients success, feel free to fill out a client application so we can see just how we could help you, and if it would be a good fit for us both. Click Here To Fill Out A Client Application. We are selective about who we work with, so please be as thorough as possible. Thank you!!

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