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Why Building Relationships Can Increase Your Profits

Most of the time, we focus on generating sales from new prospects and forget that we can also create sales within our existing clients thru referrals. By simply taking care and wow-ing our existing pool of clients, we create opportunities for us to receive referrals. With 3 easy steps, we can strengthen our relationships with our clients and increase our profits at the same time…win-win situation!

Here are some ways on how you can cultivate your relationships:

1) Give people an interesting and inspiring story to tell. This way, our clients will find it convenient to share our story and our services to others.

2) Provide good tools to your clients, so it will be easy for them to direct new prospects in our direction.

3) Follow up courteously, diligently and effectively with new prospects.

4) BONUS: Wow your clients with appreciation packages/gift boxes. It is never wrong to go far in expressing your gratitude to clients for staying with us.


How is your relationship with your clients? How do you keep them happy? Let us know in the comments below!

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