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What is a Google Page Rank

You may have heard of the term – in fact you might even own a website or two with a Page Rank of its own, but what does it mean exactly? Whether you’ve chosen our web development services in Orange County, or if you created your own website from scratch; as soon as your site goes live – Google will be evaluating its performance.

That’s where the Page Rank, or PR, steps in to the spotlight. Google rank all websites from 0 to 9. If your website is at zero, then this signifies that it’s either brand new, or very unpopular. 3 to 6 demonstrates a well-developed and popular website, whilst a 7 to 9 rank is incredibly effective (and very hard to obtain).

Most websites that have a good customer base, a fresh supply of content and a reliable framework will achieve a Page Rank of at least 1 or 2, whilst less than 10 PR 9 websites exist throughout the entire world. It’s all about relevance, information and performance. If your website is brand new, then don’t expect it to climb higher than PR 1 for at least a year – but once you start getting a few good links to your site from other sites, as well as making the effort to improve the quality of your content – you’ll soon find that your PR will climb.

So what can we do to help your Page Rank climb? Well that’s where our natural SEO services come in handy. Using relevant, fresh and exciting content – Google will soon prioritize you within their search results. We also make sure to include your keywords as required, so that Google can begin to define your website’s niche, and with this new priority, you’ll start to see more traffic come your way.

As new traffic heads to your website consistently, you’ll start to receive new, healthy and relevant back links from other sites. Google will keep track of this entire process, and as your sales and conversions increase; so too will your Page Rank. The more that you put in, the more that you’ll get out – and an early investment can ensure that you get the results that you’re after in no time at all!

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