Website Design and Development Services

Do you have a great business idea, but you’re unsure of how best to get the ball rolling? Maybe you already have a website, and it’s not performing quite as well as you expected? Well you may not know this, but good web design and development services start from the ground up. That’s what we do at The Clay Media – and there’s a whole lot of preparation that goes in to developing a good website.


The layout of your website can say a lot about your style, and we personally design each and every element of any website project that we undertake. From the positioning of the navigation bar, all the way to the social media icons – we’ll ensure that your layout gets your point across in a way that your customers and clients can’t resist!


A good website will be filled with great content. We also provide web copy writing services that are tailored to suit your business, your services, and your products. You’ll never have to deal with standard content ever again – and your audience will appreciate that more than anything else!

Functionality and Responsiveness

Mobile websites have been considered the way forward, especially with 95% of internet users now using their smartphones and tablets to browse the web. We offer a great mobile development service that can maximize the responsiveness of your website, whilst taking it to a whole new level of functionality!

Get in touch with us today to start your project – we’re always happy to help! Simply email our CEO at

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