Top 5 Ways To Generate Income At Will

How do you effectively get leads and extract income from these leads?

You must create sales funnels to do the following:

1) Segment your database to discover who is interested in buying and who is more interested in collecting free stuff.
2) Pre-qualify people to segment the ones who are truly interested and qualify for the high-priced items or programs you offer.

3) Increase the value of a new member or purchaser by gently pushing them up the money pyramid.

4) Determine who your hyperactive buyers are.

5) Speed up the sales cycle and acquire customers faster.

There are instances that we can make interesting and genius marketing campaigns but get little to no sales. We must ensure we can turn leads into actual sales. We can do this by adding value to what we do.

We must have consistent lead flow and the ability to turn those leads into paying customers.


How do you build your leads and create income? Share with us your tips on building effective sales funnels in the comments section below!

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