Top 5 Direct Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

Direct marketing can greatly help small businesses get promoted and eventually make the sale.

These 5 strategies require little to no money but promise significant results:

  1. Media advertising – Examples are coupons ads, sale codes, etc. Fact: Direct response advertising is 99% measurable.
  2. Mail and digital media – Examples include gift cards, sale e-blasts, newsletters, etc.
  3. Radio or TV commercials – The perfect example for this would be a customer asked to call in or write in or come in and mention the station’s call letters in order to get a discount or free gift.
  4. Telemarketing – This would include appointments with a sales person, actual purchases via phone call, or on-site meetings/appointments at the workplace.
  5. “Door to door” – Literally, a sales person comes up your front door and offers you a good deal w/ freebies and discounts for just one purchase.

As a small business owner, you need not think about fancy and grand marketing plans, but instead, focus on marketing strategies that are both effective and within budget.



Which of these direct marketing strategies have you tried for your business? Share it with us in the comments below!


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