Top 10 Ways To Make Your Website “Attractive” To The Affluent

Laid out are basics that will make any website “appetizing” to the wealthy customer. It is important to ensure that your website has real valuable information that is easy to grasp, reflecting the brand well, and showcasing its achievements.

1) Personality – Ensure that your website has character and solid branding. Not only is the overall look of your website important, but also content.

2) Credibility – Make your website reflect that you are trustworthy and credible.

3) Testimonials – Make good use of customer and client testimonials to boost up and “verify” your company’s credibility.

4) Lead Capture with Auto Responders – Capitalize on your visitors by capturing their information right on your website with auto-responders by offering numerous ways for them to get the information they need.

5) Keywords and Targeted Meta Data – Having knowledge on your keywords and putting them into your metadata is relevant to getting your website better rankings on search engines.

6) WordPress – WordPress is one of the biggest platforms right now that will help enhance every aspect of your website, from SEO, plugins and whatnot.

7) Current, Relevant Content – Good, quality content is relevant for 2 main reasons: First, it provides search engines reasons to consistently come back to your website, and second, it gives people more reasons to read and and engage with your content.

8) Call-to-Action (CTA) – Good content is nothing without a good CTA. CTAs help customers gain solutions to their “pain points” through interior pages on your website that will help solve their problems.

9) RSS Feeds and Social Bookmarking Icons – This helps get your content out there and helps increase engagement and traffic to your website.

10) Social Media Icons – Get your website known in the social media space as well! Almost everyone in the world, if not all, have Facebook accounts. Take leverage of this and connect with your followers and target market by letting them know that your company has social media presence as well.


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