Top 10 Ways To Make Your Headlines Pop

Headlines are extremely important in writing, especially for creating copy for an advertisement, newsletter, feature article, blog, etc. This is what your readers first encounter, so it must be eye-catching and extremely interesting for them to even bother clicking or reading.

Here are the top 10 ways to make your headlines pop!

1) Make your words big and bold – Literally make them BIG and BOLD! Make sure it is at least 50% larger than the body text.

2) Avoid using all caps – You may capitalize a word or a few words but never capitalize your whole headline as it would look overwhelming to the eyes and make it hard for your prospects to read.

3) Experiment with quotation marks and punctuation marks – Experimenting with these can help spark interest on your article.

4) Make sure your words speak to your prospect’s interest – Your headline could be long or just a few words, as long as it speaks to your prospect and communicates effectively what you have to say.

5) Imitate headline styles from the National Enquirer – The National Enquirer actually features the best, eye-catching headlines…so make sure to model it for your headline whenever you can.

6) Avoid being cute or clever – It is never a good idea to have your prospects guess what you have to say. Make it interesting but not overly misleading.

7) Always speak to your prospect’s desires – Your headline should not talk about you, it should be about your prospect and how it would benefit them.

8) Avoid using “click baits” – Tricking your prospects into “click bait” headlines will only make them disappointed and pissed off.

9) Trust a good headline always – Never distribute any content or material without a good headline.

10) Avoid using your name or company’s name in your headline – Again, do not make your headline about you. Make it about your prospect. Focus on them.


Do you have some additional tips to making headlines pop? Share it with us and let’s discuss below!

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