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Three Things That Your Website Needs for Success

Thanks to Google’s latest algorithm – websites considered spammy, unimportant and irrelevant have all seen a drop in their page results. These websites were often guilty of employing ‘black hat SEO techniques’, and these techniques often created a rift between active, responsible sites, and those negative ones. Now, Google have eliminated thousands of these irrelevant websites that exploited loop holes in Google’s page search result system, and this has opened the door for authentic businesses to operate online again! Our web development services in Orange County have seen proven results, and so could you.

So how can you now take advantage of this level playing field? Well it’s something that we at The Clay Media specialize in – not exploitation, but in getting our clients to where they deserve to be!


The most important factor to get your website to where it should be, is time. Time is all that it takes to create strategies, introduce content and push your services. The old mantra ‘what you put in, is what you get out’, have never been truer. And the beauty of the internet means that you don’t even have to put the effort in yourself – you can often employ skilled individuals to do it on your behalf.


Unless you assign your requirements to a team like ours at The Clay Media, you will find that you’ll need at least a moderate technical understanding. A website comprises a range of elements, from unique coding, all the way to images and aesthetic design. It’s important to ensure that the groundwork of your website is fully functional (for example, your links need to work, and your shopping basket will need to work properly and be linked to a payment method). Once your groundwork is in place, you will soon find that the rest of your website runs smoothly.


If there’s one thing that many website owners overlook, it’s the power of encouragement. Whether you’re creating content related to something that you love, or if you are selling a physical product – a little bit of initiative can go a long way. If you feel strongly about whatever it is that you are offering, then that positivity will become contagious, and it will show itself in everything that you present to your customers.

From your written content, all the way to your shipping information – if you feel positive about what you are doing, then your website and business will benefit as a result.

The final thing to consider is your expectations. If they are too high, then you will soon find all of the above being affected when you don’t obtain your desired results. Consider your competition, how they perform, what they do and how they achieve the results that they have done so far. Learn from others, put new measures in to place and always adapt to your environment. With these techniques, your business is all but guaranteed to succeed.

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