Established in 2010
Orange County, CA

The Web Design Process at The Clay Media

Our Orange County web development services never stop. Whether our CEO Chris is communicating with our clients, or our web design services team are implementing the latest changes to our client’s sites; there’s always something going on! We prefer to remain as open as possible with our clients, so much so that we wanted to share our web design process with you to better introduce you to what you can expect from us.

Our web development team comprises some of the most talented individuals from around the world. As we run within several different time zones – we always have at least one member to take care of things whenever needed. Every client that we have is very important to us, and we will always give priority whenever it’s required.

The Introduction

The first thing that we’ll do before anything else is to get to know our client. We want to understand what it is that you do, what you need from us and what you’re expecting from your global audience. Once we know a little more about your expectations from your business, we’ll be able to define the best course of action for us to progress.

The Design Phase

The amount of time that it takes for us to complete a website will depend on a few things; most importantly the amount of work required for the website. Smaller, few page websites can be created much quicker than larger sites – although we always recommend larger sites to our clients simply because they are much better suited for search engine optimization. The more pages that you have, the more relevant content your website can contain, and this is a huge feature for search engines.

Our designers have years of experience, and they know how to create some of the greatest graphics a business could ever expect to display. When paired with our unique web layouts and exciting themes – there aren’t many audiences that won’t be compelled to want to learn more about your business and services.

The Maintenance Period

There are certain sites that are ideal for sitting dormant while the audiences come in droves – but in this day and age of the ‘content is king’ mantra; we always recommend keeping your website as fresh as possible for the best results. We understand that maintaining a website can be a daunting task (what with all of the HTML code, programming and more), and that’s why our team always remain on hand even after your website has been launched.

Our team can alternate your graphics, insert banners to help you to keep up with the seasons, and even replace old or unwanted web copy within a matter of hours. Whether you’d prefer that your website remains unchanged for the majority of the year, or if you require weekly/ daily updates – there’s not much that our web design services in Orange County won’t cover. Just get in touch with us today if you’d like more information!

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