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The Single Biggest Reason Why Your Website Doesn’t Bring You New Business

​We are always amazed at how many of our clients have had websites for years with absolutely ZERO results. 

One of the biggest fundamental truths in business and or human society is the power of reciprocity.  You give what you want to receive.  And this point brings me back to the main topic of this conversation.  Why doesn't your website bring you any new leads, customers or sales?  It's because it doesn't "GIVE" keyword "Give" doesn't "give" or "offer" anything of value.

You don’t offer them anything to make the users feel welcome and warm inside.  When someone comes to your house for the first time. What’s the FIRST thing that you do? You offer them something to eat or drink right?

By doing this, what are we doing?  We are making the guest feel what?


Your website should be the same way! How are you making your guests feel comfortable when they come to your website?

Are you inviting them or are you hard selling them at the gate?  Are you making it clear what it is that you’re offering, or are you having them read through long passages of text before they can get a sense of who you are?

Most of website success comes from keeping things simple and peeling back the onion so you are not hitting people over the head with too much too soon.  If you need help with the layout and design of your website so it can be more inviting and more warm for your perfect prospects and customers,let us know.

We’d love to help provide you with either consultation or implementation to make sure you aren’t turning away potential customers at the door.

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