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The Importance of Content for SEO

People have been practicing search engine optimization for roughly a decade now, and the only thing that’s changed are the techniques used. When the concept of SEO was originally introduced, search engines were fairly new to the industry, and their control measures weren’t as strict as they are now. Originally, it was easy for a website to rank highly and dominate the competition, and the way that website’s used to do this was with techniques considered ‘black hat’, or unorthodox.

Since then, search engines have grown wise to these techniques, and they often introduce algorithms that accurately calculate every single aspect of a website. Search engines also cross-reference any data to check for backlinks (all of which must be from healthy and relevant websites), as well as keyword usage and other elements.
Google and other search engines then define whether or not a website is relevant, accurate and healthy. If it passes these tests (tests that happen more often than many SEO experts claim), then the website will be considered reliable, and as a result, it will be prioritized over those that are considered irrelevant. If any problems are encountered however, then search engines will either drop the site’s page result, or penalize them if the site owners are intentionally abusing search policies.

So where does content come in to it? Well fresh, relevant content is the only method of SEO that search engines like Google actively endorse. In fact, the fresher the content, and the more relevant its text; the more likely you are to witness a rapid growth in search engine result pages. It really is as simple as that, and that’s why we source all of our writers from Web Copy Hub – to ensure that our content is as fresh and relevant as possible. There are of course other factors that search engines consider – such as keyword usage, keyword relevance and consistency.

It can be very difficult to keep on top of where keywords should actually be placed, how often they should appear and if they are necessary in every piece of content. That’s why we initially developed our strategy, and it’s this strategy that carefully calculates when, where and how to use keywords, to maximize the effectiveness of our clients content.

In fact, this formula has been so effective, that we’ve taken some of our clients from page 1500+, to the top few pages of search results within a matter of months. Of course, this depends on the competition within your industry, as well as other factors like how many times your keyword is searched for, but there is actually no method quite as effective in 2015.

So just how important is content to Google and other search engines? The answer is incredibly important. Content can dictate up to 80% of a website’s search result position, and that’s why it’s so important to introduce fresh, informative content as often as possible, to keep your sight in Google’s radar.

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