The Different Elements of SEO

If you’ve heard of the term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization – then you’ll undoubtedly know what it involves. But there are those of us that may be brand new to the topic, and it’s only logical that you’ll want to learn as much as possible. Here’s a breakdown of the techniques that contribute to SEO, including whether or not Google endorse them.

Google Dislike:
Irrelevant Backlinks

Backlinks are common within the internet – and whether a site has been linked to in reference from another site, or if it is has been done so with the intention of adding loads of links; Google will be watching. An irrelevant backlink is anything that constitutes a website receiving links from other sites simply for the effects of ‘link juice’. Google assigns all websites a page rank from zero to nine. Nine is incredibly authentic and trusted (and also very rare), and if you have a link from a website with a Page Rank (PR) of 9, then Google will think very, very highly of you. 0 however is all but useless, and these sites can drag you down.

Keyword Stuffing

If your website contains more than one or two percentage of keywords within a block of text, then you may be on Google’s radar for spamming offences. The best way to use your keywords is by positioning them in a place within your text that makes sense. If you randomly enter a keyword within a sentence, then the Google bots will scan the content, check it with their grammar and punctuation tools, and then define whether or not your content is relevant.

Google Likes:
Relevant Backlinks

There’s nothing wrong with having your website link to others, or vice versa. In fact, Google will often scan backlinks to determine a website’s authenticity. If you’re in the outdoors genre, then be sure that your backlinks (not all, but most), come from outdoors websites. The same can be said for any genre. So what if you are a service provider and have links from your clients sites in a range of niches? Well fortunately, search bots are clever enough to identify service providers, and they’ll be forgiving when it comes to making a decision on your sites authenticity.

Quality Content

There is NOTHING more important than healthy, fresh and relevant website copy (or content). Whether you run a blog, an informative site, or even a static page – if you make the effort to update your content; Google will make the effort to ensure that you are rewarded. Search engines love fresh content, so the more of it that you have – the more likely you are to display highly within search results pages. Carefully positioning your keywords is important too, and that’s something that our team of writers at The Clay Media can take care of for you.

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