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The Benefits of Using Traffic to its Maximum Potential

You could have a stunning website, a great price range and an even better list of products – but if you don’t have anyone looking at what you do, then you might as well not do it! In this day and age of online sales and digital marketing, traffic has never been more important – and it can often destroy a website or business if not handled correctly. Even our web design services in Orange County had to start somewhere, but once we learnt how to funnel traffic, we haven’t had to look back.

There are several methods to attract traffic, but how can you guarantee the keep the visits high enough to provide a satisfactory conversion rate? Well this technique is called funnelling, and we’ll be covering it today, to give you a better idea of how you can create a steady stream of views to your website.


There’s nothing quite as effective as content on a website, and it serves several purposes. The first is to provide information, and it’s this information that visitors will often come for. Secondly, fresh content is something that search engines prioritize – and the fresher your content, the more likely it will be for you to climb the ranks of search engine result pages.

News websites for example, are constantly updating their content, and as a result – web users can search for the latest story and find it from a trusted news provider. The same would occur with any website offering similar services – in fact blogs, forums and other means of getting information out there are held in very high regard by search engines. Aim to update at least a few times a week for good results, or daily for the best results!


Your services are what really define your business, and whether you sell your own products, provide information, or anything in between – an attractive service layout can all but guarantee to increase your audience flow. If you offer something that people need, then they will come to you for what they are looking for, it’s as simple as that.

Be as clear and concise as possible when describing your services, and consider enhancing your descriptive text by employing a professional content creation service. At The Clay Media, we have our own team of writers that are well versed at creating persuasive web copy for sales and marketing, and we’d recommend our team to you without a moment’s hesitation.

The combination of a good block of sales text and informative and exciting imagery, has been proven to increase the potential for sales by up to 60%! That’s 60% more traffic interested in what you sell, as well as a consistent flow of visitors as your website begins to develop a reputation for quality and information!

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