The Benefits of a Mobile Website

In this day and age, mobile websites are becoming less of a bonus, and more of a demand. With over 65% of internet users browsing the web on their tablets and smartphones – it’s now more necessary than ever for a website to be mobile-friendly. On April the 21st, 2015, Google launched a brand new policy. This policy stated that all websites must take the steps to become mobile friendly, or they would risk a reduced performance when it comes to Google page search results.

Unfortunately, Google didn’t make this policy as obvious as many business owners would have liked – and the result has been that websites of all ranks have seen a steady decline in their online presence. Websites that were previously on page one or two, have since dropped to page 8 downwards, in favor of mobile-friendly competitors’ websites.

As you can expect, this has been detrimental to more than a few businesses, and several thousand organizations have been forced in to liquidation in 2015 so far. Google state that they have been lenient, in that websites that maintain a high level of content, or those that are updated often won’t feel much of a change (perhaps a drop or two in search results), but for sites that have overlooked this change in policy; the effects have been disastrous.

But what led Google to make the decision to prioritize mobile-friendly websites above other sites – even ones that have been online for years and years? Well it’s all down to demand. As more people now use smartphones and tablets to browse than ever before, the need for a website to be viewable solely on a monitor has decreased.

The only option for business owners hoping to maintain their online presence, is to make the change to a mobile-ready site. That doesn’t mean removing or deleting the original website – it simply means introducing a mobile equivalent that can be used by smartphone and tablet browsers around the world.

This can be incredibly time consuming, especially if you aren’t technically-inclined, or if your website possesses a substantial amount of pages. Fortunately, we’ve been predicting this change in policy for a long time at The Clay Media, and we’ve already introduced services to help to deal with this event. As a website and business owner, you can now enjoy our affordable and efficient mobile website design services.

We’ll update your website so that it’s fully-functional with mobile browsers, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your search result position as a consequence either! Just email to get started!

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