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The Benefits of a Coded Website over Flash

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If you’ve ever heard about the coding involved in website design, you’ll understand that most people dread having to tackle the task themselves. That’s actually one of the main reasons why developers decided to come up with a way to allow website construction without all of the HTML code. This new method was introduced as Flash, and it was a great way for aspiring web designers to use the latest web graphics and elements to really create a stunning website.

But before long, web developers realized that not all benefits are advantageous, especially when it comes to having a responsive website for online uses. Flash websites, being so image-oriented, often weren’t any use when it came to keyword usage, and before long even the most attractive looking websites were disappearing in search results as big engines like Google had no text to define the genre of the website.

Since then, web developers have worked tirelessly to get the ball rolling again, and this activity spelt the return of the code master. These clever individuals have spent years and years perfecting the art of HTML code, and they are now able to program almost anything in to a website far more effectively than by using any other method. Where flash is image heavy and lacking in information, HTML code is filled with informative goodness, meaning that search engines can scan the content, check the layout and read the sites’ meta tags without a second’s delay.

This might not be an obvious benefit for a website, but the fact is that it’s the best way to have a site indexed by a search engine. For example, check out this comparison below:

Flash Site
  • > Search engine robot visits website
  • > Bot scans the home page, resulting in 4 words and 26 images
  • > Bot attempts to define website based on content – ‘Welcome to My Blog’
  • > Result in search engine: Somewhere after page 300
  • > Search engine robot visits website
  • > Bot scans the home page, resulting in 926 words and 26 images
  • > Bot locates 3 relevant keywords found within first 250 words of content (bicycle, repair, specialists)
  • > Bot is able to identify genre of website, as well as keyword relevance, resulting in instant indexing within search engine

As you’ll notice, search engines like Google much prefer content to be clear and to the point, and that’s why web developers (particularly ours in Orange County) prioritize their websites’ ability to be indexed by Google. The quicker the indexing, the sooner your website will start to show up with search results – it’s as simple as that.

Many businesses choose the Flash approach for the aesthetics, but with advances in HTML coding, there’s now nothing that Flash can do that HTML can’t do better! Check out for an idea of what HTML can do. Everything’s been coded via WordPress and there’s nothing that our site doesn’t do visually.

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