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The Secret Ingredients to build a team that will build your Business

The Secret Ingredients to build a team that will build your Business


Have you ever wondered how a structure was built in less than no time, how a basketball team, baseball team or even a football team win a game and how a business became a success?


These are the questions that we need to reflect on. There are so many reasons why everything came to success and one is because of the people behind it. Which is headed by an effective leader, however a leader won’t succeed without a team.

A team is a very important essential in winning to succeed. However building an effective team doesn’t just come in a snap of a finger. It takes a lot of learning, practice, training and planning to get them right. The leader is not effective without his people’s cooperation so every member should have its own role. An effective leader must know his or her goals, the pros and cons and must know the skills of his people and assign them tasks that would fit their capabilities. It’s like cooking your favourite dish. It won’t taste good when one ingredient is missing. So one must know the recipe, prepare the ingredients, know its purpose and know the step by step procedure to get your desired taste and in order to succeed in cooking. The member must also be encouraged to do brainstorming with the leader and the leader must be willing to listen to his or her people’s suggestions or even complains and together as a team they will work to resolve the problem and continue reaching the goal. The leader must continue to motivate and inspire his members to reach the finish line. A leader must learn how to see or recognize the win and celebrate it. At the same time he must never forget to thank the team for reaching the goal and show your appreciation for the hard work and dedication because without a team everything won’t workout.



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