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Our Unique SEO Formula

You may have heard a little about our SEO formula over the past few weeks – in fact we actively showcase the results of this formula to any clients that are interested. We’ve taken a previously unlisted website to page 17, then 15, and then to the top few pages of Google – all using our unique formula that’s been developed by our lead copywriter Stacy, over at Web Copy Hub. We can’t share the secret sauce, only because McDonalds may sue us, but we can promise that everything involved is entirely endorsed by Google – so much so that we see a climb in ALL websites that we introduce the formula too.

So what can you expect from our unique SEO formula? Well the first thing to bear in mind is your keywords. Keywords can be a very competitive field, and the more common your keyword is, the more effort that you’ll need to make to rank well within Google and other search engines. Search engines don’t like keyword spamming, nor do they appreciate high percentages of keywords in any form. So what can you do? Well that’s where we come in. When you choose any one of our content writing packages, we’ll evaluate your website, get to know your keywords, and then introduce them in a trickle-format, as opposed to at every opportunity.

Search engines send their bots to scan websites several times a week, and the most frequently updated websites are privy to even more extensive scanning. This is what can really separate your site from the competition. Our packages come complete with a trickle-upload system, and this system will ensure that your website receives the optimum level of scans from search bots.

Consider online news providers. They often update their websites or blogs several times a day (some even hourly!). Due to the amount that they update their websites, search engines will consider them a high priority, and as a result; they will send their bots to scan the specific URL several times a day (sometimes more). That’s what allows a story to go live within a matter of minutes from being published.

So now consider your website. Whether you are a Physician, or a Football Coach, you’ll want your website to experience this same level of priority, or as close as possible. That’s where fresh, relevant content comes in handy. Our team will create your content, have it uploaded by our experienced web development team, and then you can simply sit back and watch the results. We’ll also include your keywords in a natural, sensible way so that search bots can identify what it is that you do, and then categorize you as required.

Within a matter of months (or less), you could see your website go from a distant page, all the way to the top few pages – and if your keywords are really unique, you can even appear on page one of the search results altogether! Get in touch with us for more information and we’ll be happy to help.

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