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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it’s commonly referred to; many businesses are misled by those claiming to be specialists in the area. The term Search Engine Optimization actually refers to enhancing every aspect of a website in order for a search engine to prioritize them within search results. The biggest search engines in the world are Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, and each of these engines have their own set of guidelines to ensure that website owners aren’t taking advantage of the system.

Certain website owners and ‘SEO specialists’ will use certain techniques to help them climb the rankings within Google. Although these methods can be incredibly effective; the fact is that search engines don’t like them, and as soon as they grow wise to the events – they’ll ban a website or eliminate it from their search results. These techniques include the use of misleading keywords, false meta-tags, incorrect alt-text and false backlinks.

Website SEO is encouraged by search engines such as Google, although they require that anyone attempting to do so follow a strict process. For example, Google will not tolerate any form of false back-linking. In the past, website owners would attempt to re-direct links from other websites to ‘up’ their backlink count. Google’s previous algorithms overlooked this technique, but have since grown wise to it. The Google bots now scan each and every backlink to check for relevance and authenticity, and any website seen to be in breach of this policy will suffer severe penalties.

Another technique that website owners employed was to over-stuff keywords within any content on their website. Over-stuffing relates to keyword usage that climbs beyond 5%, and in severe instances websites could possess an entire page of keywords and no content, in an attempt to trick Google bots in to thinking that the site contained plenty of information on those specific keywords.

Since then, Google has learnt about these techniques, and now any content that over-uses keywords will be reviewed and if found in breach of policy; will run the risk of being banned. That’s why it’s now so important to ensure that all content is relevant, contains the necessary keywords and doesn’t stray from the topic being discussed.

This might sound like an incredibly strict demand, but it’s actually fairly straight forward and can be easily adhered to if understood properly. At The Clay Media, we understand that not everyone will have the time to learn about specific keyword percentages, or content structure. That’s where our team of natural website SEO writers come in handy. They have a complete understanding of the ‘Content is King’ approach afforded by Google, and our Orange County SEO techniques can help even the smallest business to climb the ranks in a matter of months. As we create all of our content so that it’s tailored to specific website niches, there’s never a risk of penalty from Google, and businesses can enjoy an increase in traffic and sales that Google and other search engines endorse rather than oppose!

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