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No more excuses! You have a website. You have a platform to directly communicate with your customers 24/7. If you’re not using it then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Most business owners we talk to fail to leverage the vast opportunity they have to dazzle and keep their customers engaged and delighted every time they visit their website. All it takes is a little new and exciting news about your business.

Your customers already love and trust you. They want nothing more than to read about your latest news that adds intrigue or a dimension of freshness to your business. Many people with websites let them sit and grow stale, which guarantees that their customers aren’t going to have a fresh experience when they visit your site to see what’s new with you.

So what is news?

You might assume that news is only some “ground-breaking-huge-headline-event”. The truth is, once you’re good at it, you can extract new news from your business everyday.

For example:

If you’re a restaurant  and you hire a new chef that’s news.

If you’re a chiropractor and you learn a new procedure, that’s news.

If you’re a mechanic and you got a new product line…you get the concept.

“New” is news.

Perhaps you went to a conference – you can post about it and say something along the lines of:

“[insert your business name] attended at the annual industry leading conference on [topic]. We came a way of brand new understanding of [the topic] and we’ll be offering the topic to our customers/patients/clients in the next [time frame]. Keep your eyes open for your chance to get [related promotion]. “

Or, news can simply be something that is related to your field that is not necessarily about you but would be something about your clients and customers would be interested in reading about it.

Start to look for different ways you can generate news in your business.

The end goal is that every time somebody comes to your website, or looks at your social news feed, it’s very active and looks alive.

That is a sign of a healthy business.

People who are active and involved  with what’s the latest. That’s what customers appreciate and value, so that’s how you make them very happy.

If you’d like help in engineering news stories, let us know by emailing – we’ll send you a guide on how to extract news stories from your business that your customers will love.

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