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How To Get More Email Subscribers, Social Media Engagement and Sales In Just 2 Weeks (With Only $70)

For a small business trying to make their way online, getting the attention you need can seem impossible. We talk to clients all the time who want to increase their web presence on an economical budget.

Let me be real with you. Any kind of attention online will cost you.

You’ll always exchange either dollars or time for internet notoriety.

You can spend a lot of money to get eyes on your website – think advertising on search and social media – OR – you can put in hours of your life posting on social media and all over the internet trying to get organic attention.

The trick is to strike a balance that works for you.

For businesses in economical shoes, we recommend this one strategy that uses a small budget to create big buzz with your ideal market.

Done correctly, a little seed advertising money can create social media buzz and viral sharing that will grow your page likes, your social engagement and your email list in less than two weeks.

The Sweepstakes Snowball Strategy (SSS)

We leverage a traditional product giveaway with viral components to put your brand in front of the perfect audience. Read to the end to find out how we use the giveaway to make real sales from new raving fans.

Step 1 – Select the perfect giveaway product

The product you choose to giveaway should be:

  • Valuable – either in money, scarcity or popularity
  • Irresistable to a defined audience – a specific group of people who desperately want what you’re giving away

Step 2 – Choose a giveaway platform that will make everything run like clockwork

Use a viral giveaway app like Gleam to run your giveaway for you ( competitions). With this tool you can automatically build your email list and your social media following while the giveaway is running.

Important: The Gleam App (or a similar giveaway platform) is critical to create the Snowball effect that makes this strategy successful. Using this app people can earn more entries by sharing the content

Step 3 – Promote your giveaway

To promote the giveaway, you should tell everyone on your email list and your social media followers. The real magic happens when you turn on Facebook ads. Even a low budget like $5/day will get your giveaway in front of hundreds of potential customers.

Bonus: List your giveaway in the reddit sub /r/giveaways (

Step 4 – Activate your sales

When your Sweepstakes is over the giveaway is over, send an email to everyone who entered but DIDN’T win. Give them a discount like Free Shipping or 30% Off on the item you gave away.

Step 5 – Rinse and repeat

The next month, do it all over again! Choose a different product and invite your entire email list, including the people who entered in your first giveaway to enter again.

Get Started Today


This dead simple strategy takes almost nothing to get started. All you need is:

  1. A killer product to giveaway
  2. 2 weeks and $70 for Facebook ads
  3. A free Gleam trial

Get the snowball rolling and watch your giveaway momentum build.

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