How to Get More Customers for Your Restaurant Using Digital Marketing

If you own a restaurant, you most likely have witnessed the importance of promoting your restaurant, effectively online.

Although imperative, online marketing is not the end all be all because traditional marketing avenues including printed promotions, flyers and print ads, still work if executed correctly and or in conjunction with your website.

Fortunately, we are very familiar with what works online and doesn’t work online so we wanted to make sure you knew so you can keep up with where digital marketing currently is.

If you own a restaurant business and you want to get more customers and build a successful relationship with your customers, check out the ways below to get people to notice your restaurant and line up to your restaurant:

1.  Maximize your Yelp Profile.

– More and more people are using Yelp to make split second dining decisions.

2. Make your MENU and phone number the most visible elements on your website

– If people have to search for either of these once they are on your website, they will likely back out and choose another restaurant.

3. Create an incentive based E-Club or “Regulars” club to build a long list of customers to communicate with.

4.  Create a Birthday Club – Customers love when you acknowledge their birthday.

5.  Add Online Ordering – if you want to add more Millenials, you’ll need to communicate at their level.  Often times they are used to not speaking with anyone so make sure you have an online solution in place.

You don’t have to do all these work by yourself. We, The Clay Media, are here to assist you on this matter!

If you’d like The Clay Media to help you grow your restaurant online and strengthen your business, give us a call: 949.444.2001 or visit our website by clicking here.

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