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How Much Content is Too Much Content?

It’s a well-known fact that search engines really love content. In fact they love content so much, that it’s now entirely possible to eliminate most other aspects of search engine optimization in favor of fresh, relevant and exciting content that captivates an audience and leaves them wanting more. After the latest Google algorithm, where many websites were left struggling for air after being penalized for over-stuffing keywords, or other practices – many people are now asking about how to improve their websites’ rank naturally.

The answer is a simple one, and it’s with content. There are two types of content; relevant content and intended content. The former refers to content that you’ll find within blog posts, articles and other informative text that is there to simply provide users with knowledge. The latter type is often created with the intention of improving search engine results and keyword positioning. Although Google is okay with both methods (as long as keywords aren’t over-used or misleading), their policies do prefer the natural approach.

That’s why here at The Clay Media, we’ve come up with a healthy balance of both relevant and intended content creation. Our team of writers have been in the business of SEO for years, and they understand that no matter how effective Black Hat SEO techniques may be; it’s simply not worth running the risk of penalization when Google catches up. That’s where our combination of content creation comes in.

We really get website SEO, and our Orange County web design services have now been extended to all of our new and existing clients. What we’ll do is create content on your behalf, upload it to your website and then watch the results pages as your website climbs the rankings. Unlike when using black hat tricks (which we officially disapprove of!), we encourage Google bots and other search engines to scour your web pages in the search of fresh content.

Consider news providing websites for a moment. They are updated hourly – sometimes more often – and Google will often prioritize them within search results. That’s a sign of just how effective content can be, in fact the more of it that you have, the higher you’ll climb in the search results. At this point, many people make the mistake of creating ‘intended content’ filled with keywords, and this is a big mistake. The trick isn’t to bombard the search bots with keywords (they’ll actually penalize you for this). The method is to combine intended and relevant content so that certain posts will be informative, whereas others may be tailored to search engine optimisation.

So when asked ‘how much content is too much content’, the answer is fairly straight forward. There’s no such thing as too much content – the only thing that there can be too much of are keywords and intended text. If you’re interested in climbing the Google ranks, then why not try our content creation services? We’ll create a package that suits your business, and you can sit back and relax while your website climbs and climbs naturally, without the risk of penalty!

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