Good Work + Productivity + Accountability = Happy Life

How does a team become effective and efficient? Here are some tips straight from our CEO, Chris Clay:

Thank your team

It’s important to commend your team for their achievements. This is helpful in establishing rapport and most importantly, increasing motivation and productivity at work.

Look beneath the surface

One thing in business to know is that things aren’t always what they seem on the surface. Many times you have to dig deeper to get to the root cause, or to find out what’s truly going on. Just know that across the board and apply that to your business knowledge. When you want something done “right”, do it yourself.

Get productive every day

Staying organized and knowing “what” you’re going to be working on day in and day out will help you be as productive as possible. If you need help or have some challenges, always know that you have your team to back you up and help you

What do we get paid for?

I’d like to remind you that as a company and as people in the real world, we only get paid for what we “complete”.

For only what is “finished”.

We don’t get paid for what’s “pending”, what’s “in progress” or even what “we’re working on”.

We only get paid for what’s “completed”. “Done.” Finished.

Use your most important muscle in business

With that said, I want to challenge you to strengthen your “Get it done” muscle. Develop your ability to complete a lot of things each and every day. Each and every day you step on the business playing field, you want to record a LOT of completed things.

Even if they are very small.

“Good enough is good enough” in business

This has nothing to do with who you are a person ethically or morally or anything like that…we’re only talking about business here. That’s all. Just business.

Again, “Good enough is good enough.”

I understand these concepts and notions sometimes may be forgotten or you might get caught up in thinking about these things the way you were taught in school, however, we do things different around here at TCM.

We work smartly and we bring value to the table…always.


How does your team work? Do you have any tips, strategies and best practices that you’d like to share? Comment down below and let’s discuss!

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