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Getting to Know Meta Tags, Page Titles and Descriptions

If you’ve never heard of a meta tag before, then you’re definitely not alone. They are rarely referenced, and the only time you may come across one is if you’re developing a website. It’s not just meta tags that go in to website development either; in fact page titles, descriptions and keywords are all unique aspects that need to be handled to guarantee the responsiveness of your website.

Meta Tags

Meta tags and page titles often coincide. It’s possible for a meta tag to remain hidden from sight, whereas a page title will be clear for everyone to see. When they are most effective is when they are used together. Your meta tags should also resemble the following format, simply to make them easier to read when being scanned by search engines:
Home | Welcome to My Home Page | I Offer Services Related To Things That I Do

Page Titles

So if meta tags define the main header of your website, what do page titles do? Well they are actually the main way for your website to be categorized by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. These search engines will often refer to your page title to see who you are, what you do and if you provide any services.

You’ll want to ensure that your page title includes a few of your website’s keywords, and you’ll understand why as we explain descriptions in the next segment.

Site Description

Your website’s description is a short, sharp description of your website or services, and it’s the small block of text that displays within a search result page when someone searches for something that you do. You’re characters are limited however, and knowing how many keywords to include can be quite a challenge. Contact us for more information on this at


Possible the most important element of any website development; your keywords are what people search for in order to find your services. As a result, your keywords should feature prominently throughout every single aspect mentioned above. Your keywords should be in your meta tags, your page titles and placed somewhere within your description.

Failure to perform any of the above activities can often result in a website that is far less optimized than it could be. We understand that it can be a challenge to obtain the right combination of the above elements, and that’s why our web development team are as knowledgeable as they are – to help your website to achieve your goals and expectations. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us by emailing and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help!

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