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Creating a Healthy Website

When asked what a healthy website is, most people won’t know how to answer. A healthy website actually refers to a combination of aspects that combine to create a site that operates as efficiently as possible. In much the same way as vitamins and nutrients benefit the human body, a healthy website can benefit from branding, imagery, content and search engine optimization. But what exactly are the benefits of a healthy website, and how can you ensure that you make the most of our Orange Country web design services to improve your sites’ health?


If there’s one thing that every website should possess, it’s branding. Having your brand displayed prominently won’t just help your audience to identify you – it will act as a beacon for all new visitors to your site. A good logo can go a long way, and if you combine your branding with a clever arrangement of content and imagery; there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be rewarded with an increased trust from your visitors.


The term ‘content is king’ wasn’t thought up overnight. In a day and age that revolves around the transfer of data and information – it’s no wonder why search engines think so highly of the written word. Consider how frequently updated news-websites must be updated. They often contain the very latest stories and breaking news, and these stories will appear on search engines like Google within a matter of minutes. This is because of the content, and if Google sees that your website has fresh, exciting content often, it will excel your website’s position. Why not check out our website SEO and content writing services?


We don’t mean that your website should be literally transparent here! When we say transparency, we’re referring to the type of clarity that allows your audience to know exactly what you’re about without any confusion. If you can implement tag lines on your home page, then definitely do so – but be sure to keep them short and sweet. The more information that you can fit in to a sentence, the less time it will take your viewer to understand what you do; and the more time they’ll spend considering hiring your services.


Everyone likes a good pattern, and however you decide to implement your pattern within your website; it’s very important to remain consistent. Avoid the use of multiple fonts (a major and minor font are fine, just don’t stray too far from this number!), and be sure that your imagery is relevant and understandable. If your website is about televisions, then you’ll want to avoid photographs of pets. If your website is about bicycles, then source a set of high-resolution bicycle images of the products that you stock.

At The Clay Media, we know exactly what it takes to develop a healthy website. In fact, we’ve spent many years perfecting our skills when it comes to creating great looking websites that beckon audiences like moths to a flame. Simply get in touch with us if you’d like to see some of our work and we’ll be happy to assist!

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