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CEO’s: Have you Checked Your Own Mobile Site Lately?

Let’s forget about your standard pc formatted website for a minute… and maybe for this week entirely.

Why might you ask?

It’s simple. It’s because most people are on your MOBILE website anyway.

In my recent client advisory and strategy meetings, I find myself bringing more statistics and analytics then personal knowledge to shift the paradigm in a way that’s more compelling. I feel it’s the best method to say a lot without needing to say a lot.

Some of these analytics show that up to 7 out of 10 of their online visitors are accessing their website from their mobile phones or tablets, yet the conversation in their mind may still be directed toward...what their “website” looks like…what it has on it….what it needs….and how fast it loads….etc.

All of those things are important, however, it’s increasingly more important to place the most focus on where the largest portion of your visitors exist. Wouldn’t you agree?

Conversion matters. ( The number of “visitors" vs the number of "new leads" you have acquired is a great place to start. ) On a daily basis. Weekly basis. Monthly basis. Start daily.

Make sure that your web development company is keeping your mobile website as updated as your desktop site and they are mentioning these “conversion” metrics as what is “most” important. Far more important than the “color” of a banner.

Often if you are using a standard “template” website that is responsive. The drawback is that you can’t customize the “mobile” user experience as well as you would be able to if you could control which elements appear where, and in which order.

Because of the fact that mobile website are swipe and scroll based, the user experience is entirely different, and there is a much smaller area in which you have to convince your user that what you have to offer, what problem you fix in the market….is for “Them”.

I have to run and I want to leave you with enough time to handle everything that you have to do in your day, but if you want your website working for you 24/7 to bring in more leads and clients for you, leave me a message and I’ll be happy to advise you on the best way to achieve this.


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