5 Top Ways to Become More Productive

Increase your productivity by employing these steps:
1) Get lost – Get lost in your work and when necessary, be at a place where you can focus more and be at your best productivity. You can set-up a small office at home, wear headphones, go to a cafe, etc.
2) Don’t answer the phone – Only answer the phone when extremely urgent, and take voicemails only. Because calls can easily interrupt anyone who’s in the middle of doing something or someone who’s “in the zone”.
3) Get a grip on email, texts and faxes – Set specific times of the day to check email, texts and fax messages. You do not need to reply to each one of them as they come.
4) Set the timer on the bomb – When setting meetings with team mates or clients, make sure that you not only set the start time but also the end time, so as not to waste time on unnecessary chit-chat.
5) Be busy and be obvious about it – If you’re doing something really “massive” and requires most of your concentration, make it known to people close to you, put up a “Do Not Disturb” status on your Skype, etc. If you’re busy and preoccupied, let people know so that they won’t disturb you for the time being.


How do you stay productive in your business? Share with us your productivity tips!

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