What is On Page SEO?

In this day and age of online marketing, SEO has become a priority for businesses of all calibers. If you’re new to the SEO scene, then it’s a good idea to get to know the unique elements that go in to it – something that our web development services in Orange County specialize in. In simple terms, there are two central types of SEO – On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO. The first is often overlooked by website developers, as they tend to focus on back links as a priority – but these back links often only provide a minimal amount of juice when compared to the potential of SEO.

So what is On-Page SEO? Well to put it simply – it’s search engine optimization that takes place behind the scenes, and relates to the website’s page performance in specific. These techniques involve the use of meta tags, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. All three of these elements can be featured within a website’s internal data, and they can be incredibly effective when combined.

Meta Tags

Your meta tags appear within your page title, and should look a little something like this:

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Meta Description

Your meta description is the small segment of text that appears under your search result, when someone searches for you or one of your keywords. It should be between 160-170 characters (165 is optimal), and will need to be as precise and to the point as possible.

Meta Keywords

Your meta keywords are perhaps the most important element of your website. They tell a search engine what you do, and they bring your audience to you. There are a range of online keyword-comparison tools, and it’s a good idea to have our team investigate the most effective keywords for your business. As soon as your keywords are implemented, search engines will get a better idea of what you do, and your SEO will start to work for itself.

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