Struggle With Delegating Clearly?

Know the secret to clear communication?

[ 1 question can change everything? ]

“I’ve had it!”
“My staff never gets me!!!”

This sound like you?

If you manage a team, these thoughts may invade your mind like Clash of Clans.

“Why won’t they just take action?”

If you find yourself having to:
– do double work
– execute delegated tasks on ur own…
– battle with endless task clarification

Unfortunately, YOU might be the problem.
Nah actually – you Are the problem!

Luckily there’s 1 question that will save your soul.
One question you can ask yourself from now on that will cut like a diamond laser. ( is there such a thing? )

Next time you write a task out for someone on your team, ask yourself this:

“What “1 thing” can be taken from my words that would be the direct instruction?”

The statement should be something like this.
“ I want [insert specific thing] to happen.”

With this guideline, you’ll be able to instantly understand if someone will “get it” or not.

My management mentor taught me this and it was life-changing. For me. Cuz i babble. Endlessly. Sometimes. Drives my team nuts. Me too.

Till next time!



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