Case Study: $0 to 6 Figures

Discover How The Clay Media Added 6 Figures to the Bottom Line of a Business that was Lost in the Webspace

The Client

Beautiful You Inc* (BY) is an established offline business that holds their own in the beauty industry. They’ve been in business for more than 15 years and bring in 8 figures in offline sales every year.

We knew we were missing out on some business before working with The Clay Media but we had no idea it would be this significant. The Clay Media built us the perfect custom solution to get us into the e-commerce game and when the site launched we got a return on our investment overnight. Today, e-commerce is a huge portion of our revenue and is responsible for our incredible rate of growth!

John S.
CEO of Beautiful You 

Short-Term Tactics and Empty Promises

Like many successful brick-and-mortar businesses, when it came to online success, they were lost in a sea of jargon, short-term tactics, and fly-by-night contractors who promised them the world but never delivered.

The problem was that all the cookie cutter advice they heard from so-called experts didn’t seem to fit BY’s strategic direction.

Overwhelmed By Online

BY knew that there was a big opportunity for them online, but they felt lost when trying to leverage their successful brand into actual online revenue.

When BY came to The Clay Media, they were flat-out overwhelmed and lost.

Key Point: No two businesses are the same so solutions shouldn't be one size fits all. Instead, we take time to understand the needs of the business and apply a proven framework to get results. 

Finally, Strategic Direction

The first thing that The Clay Media did was sit down with BY  and learn more about their company, their strategic direction, the challenges they faced, their products and their customers.

BY  knew they were leaving money on the table by not having a viable online shopping cart that allowed their customers a convenient online shopping experience.

Armed with that information, The Clay Media presented a comprehensive digital media strategy that included not just an ecommerce website, but also the strategy needed to make the site a real contributor to their bottom line.

We use a comprehensive framework for customer acquisition. The same basic principles apply to every business but the devil is in the details. Keep reading to learn more about the proven framework. 

Welcome to the Future

The Clay Media went to work bringing the company into the future with a current, clean website with easy-to-use navigation, and a mobile responsive design to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Technology Used In Their Custom Solution

Netsuite CMS

Netsuite ECommerce

Constant Contact Email

Apache Server

It was vital to the growth strategy that the customer could have a friction free shopping experience regardless of whether they visited the site from their desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Beautiful You Inc’s Bottom Line

When the site launched, it immediately brought in an additional $10k per month. We quickly leveraged that early success to which we quickly scaled up to a consistent $30k per month.

$ 10,000 Additional Revenue In The First Month
$ 30,000 Monthly Revenue From Organic Traffic
$ 50,000 Projected Monthly Revenue For 2017 Q1

With the early success of their e-commerce launch, BY continues to work with The Clay Media to keep their brand and their shopping experience ahead of the curve with a futuristic mobile shopping experience.

This Strategy Translates To Any Business, Any Industry

BY's situation wasn't that unusual. They are a well established, successful offline business that was having trouble understanding what direction to take online. 

We talk to dozens of business owners every month who have the exact same problem. They see their competitors getting ahead while they feel stuck. Eventually they fall further and further behind.

The good news is there's a very simple framework almost any business can use to find success online.

Join us for a free training webinar to see the whole system in detail, including real-world examples. You'll get the whole framework, and when we're done you'll know exactly what to do to start winning business online.


Join us on a free webinar where you'll learn the entire system we use to generate serious revenue for small businesses. The framework is simple to understand and it can be applied to any business model. Join us live online and get the whole thing for FREE

*While our clients are certainly proud of their results, they prefer to remain anonymous in case their competitors get any bright ideas.