Our Story

The story of a long lost company.

There once was a company that was lost in the deep dark jungle called Competition!

This company was very frightened about making it through the jungle alive and didn’t know who to turn to.

This company knew its biggest hope to not only survive, but thrive was to become well adept at marketing themselves using the internet.

This company looked out and saw everyone on their phones all day and felt discouraged since they knew they had nothing in place for all of these people to look at.

All they could think was “If we had a way to engage with our customers and clients every single day, on their phone, where they spend most of their time anyway, they’ll never leave us for these other companies in this frightening jungle!”

Out of nowhere appeared a magic wizard. His name was Chris Clay….and behind him was a ton of little wizards testing and casting spells on each other and busily helping other companies concoct spells and formula to thrive in the jungle.

The long lost company saw all of this and wondered how everyone Chris’ team was having such a good time and they weren’t.

Right then at that moment, they realized something that others who excel in business know all too well……

“To thrive in business you must hire experts and get out of their way….”

Building a team is at times difficult however without one, you’re then left to fend for yourself without much of a chance if you are not passionate about the area that’s critical to your company’s success.

If you feel like this long lost company and would like to have a team that will listen to all of your challenges and create solutions, custom tailored to each, you may be a good fit and may want to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.

To schedule an appointment send an email to: Chris@theclaymedia.com with a brief explanation of what challenges you’re facing and we’ll get back to you at our first availability.

Good luck!