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From: Chris Clay
Long Beach, California

Is your website sitting online, gathering the digital equivalent of dust?

Many business owners consider their website a 'necessary expense', aka 'everyone online else has a site so I need one too'.

One of the biggest problems with many websites (and probably even yours) is that it was built as a hastily put-together after-thought in a rush to start your business.

Why is this a problem?

According to recent studies, 88% of people look at a company's website before making a purchase. 

Half of the possible sales are lost because clients can't find information easily on a website. Of those users, 40% never return to a site after having a negative experience with it (Sweor, 2022).

So why would you put yourself at a disadvantage by doing your web marketing wrong?

Here are 13 sure-fire ways to TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO A CASH PRINTING ASSET….

Make your contact information prominently displayed

Your list of services should be spotted easily

Pick your website colors wisely; different colors should be used for your brand and for actionable buttons

Headers should appropriately describe the page content

Increase the number of calls-to-action (CTAs) on your website; but, don't overdo it also

Optimize your website for mobile use

Provide value-giving, free, downloadable content

Use long-scrolling layout that contains main visual elements and CTAs on top

Install an exit-intent pop-up

As you target your ideal client with ads, all ads should align with your website content

Speed up your website

Offer your customers a guarantee

Retarget people who don't convert on their first visit

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