Monthly Maintenance Services

Having a website doesn’t seem like it requires much once it’s live, but the fact of the matter is that as advanced as technology is, websites can’t take care of themselves.

Content needs to be updated NOW.

Bugs need to be fixed TODAY.

Marketing needs to be planned FOR TOMORROW.

Social media needs to be designed and planned for the WHOLE MONTH.

Sounds like a lot, right?

Our monthly maintenance services have got you covered

Digital marketing is a wide world of options…we could go on and on about it! We want to make marketing easier for you. It’s impossible to handle it all by yourself. That’s why you need a team, and that team The Clay Media.

If you’re ready for more leads, more business, and more money, contact us today for digital marketing that gets results. In the modern world, it’s more essential than ever to set up digital marketing for your company to avoid getting behind.

Monthly Maintenance Services: 

  • Site Maintenance
  • Blog Creation and Management
  • Digital Marketing Management and Implementation
  • Reputation Management

For each monthly maintenance service we provide, there are a few options for you to choose from. And if you’re not sure what kind of package you may need, you can fill out our client assessment form. We’ll assess your needs and using our expertise, we’ll tell you which package is the best for your business.

Fill out our client assessment form here.

Why do we recommend signing up for a monthly package?

Like we said before, websites can’t fix themselves. Finding a temporary solution can end up being more costly, could potentially cause other problems, and is only a quick fix. In addition, a simple task like changing content on a site should be as easy as emailing your web team.

We’ve got round-the-clock support that will be able to make changes to your site, whip up a design, or fix bugs as needed. That’s the biggest benefit of having a monthly maintenance package is having a team that’s available for you.

With The Clay Media, we’ll always be on your side when it comes to taking care of your site, digital marketing, or anything else within your package parameters.

To find out more or if you have any questions about how monthly maintenance works, you can email us at

We’re happy to answer your questions and provide more insight.