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By now you may have heard the facts: The proliferation of mobile devices is expected to leap the boundaries and cross the mark to 4 billion subscribers throughout the entire planet by 2014. The utilization of the internet via mobile devices is steadily increasing. If you think that your business could do without mobile apps think again more people worldwide have access to a mobile phone than a PC, which means more eyes to view the web content that your business strives on.

Our mobile application development teams are experts in creating mobile apps to the beep of a mobile device. Every single technical aspect that is viable to the application is scrutinized and employed with meticulous development processes. Clay Media recognizes the immense paradigm shift that is taking place from traditional computers to mobile devices. This paradigm shift is the future of the internet and Clay Media will be right on top of this paradigm shift when you decide to engage Clay Media to develop your Mobile App.


Chris developed my website for me and created it from scratch. I communicated my ideas of what I wanted and the "feel" for the site. After sitting and discussing with me over lunch my thoughts and ideas he had it down! I love my site - it is really reflective of me and my business. Whenever I need something done on it he is responsive and gets to it quickly while keeping me up to date on the progress.

- Keverne Collison -