web store
An essential you cannot do without

Ecommerce is the future of all businesses. From government agencies to private corporations, the paradigm shift of business volumes from direct dealings to virtual dealings has tilted the scales entirely. It is phenomenal. It is also a proven factor that those who incorporate an e commerce web store cater for a larger customer base. Surveys conducted on this logistical factor range anywhere from 10% to 70% increase of total business revenue for businesses that have incorporated an e-commerce enabled web store into the existing businesses.

Clay Media E-Commerce has developed a full phased functional web store concept that would allow your business go beyond borders. Utilizing the e-commerce functionality that is available today would enable you to link all aspects of commerce to your business with the click of a mouse. From purchases, delivery to payments all completed safely and securely from the comfort of your desk. Let Clay Media E-Commerce Solutions help you connect with your customers minus the time and distance barriers that you contend with! Allow Clay Media to create the strategy for the e-commerce that would best suit your business option. Ecommerce can be a very rewarding venture, provided you have the right foundations to begin with. Begin with clay media and expand across borders.


Chris developed my website for me and created it from scratch. I communicated my ideas of what I wanted and the "feel" for the site. After sitting and discussing with me over lunch my thoughts and ideas he had it down! I love my site - it is really reflective of me and my business. Whenever I need something done on it he is responsive and gets to it quickly while keeping me up to date on the progress.

- Keverne Collison -