Boost Your Marketing With These Tips Part 3

Need tried and tested ideas to boost your company’s marketing strategies? Here is Part 3 of the top tips from the ultimate marketing guru himself, Dan Kennedy:

11) Create a short-term sales surge – When your company’s short on cash, you can use this strategy to create sales:
Make a great offer.
Limit it in time, number of copies you’ll sell, or both.
Make sure you come up with a good story or reason for the promotion.

12) Take Advantage of New Marketing Technologies – As long as a new marketing tactic is ethical, be willing to consider it even if you aren’t personally a fan. Learn to be open to new ideas and strategies.

13) Avoid employee sabotage – Delegating is a great thing (and usually necessary if you want your business to grow). But you must be the captain of your own marketing ship, as well as the navigator and the crew.

14) Hiring and firing experts – Learn from the best, but take everything with a grain of salt.


Of all the tips we’ve shared, which ones are you going to apply to your company right now? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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