Boost Your Marketing With These Tips Part 1

Need tried and tested ideas to boost your company’s marketing strategies? Here are top tips from the ultimate marketing guru himself, Dan Kennedy:

1) Putting together the right message – The last thing you’d want to do is mislead your customers. Have a Unique Selling Proposition or USP. Justify your company’s reason to exist.

2) Presenting your message – Remember these 5 mental steps between first contact and completing the sale: awareness of a need or desire, picking the thing that will satisfy that desire, picking the source for that thing, accepting the price/value argument, and finding reasons to act immediately.

3) Choosing the right audience – Make sure to choose the right demographic, target the right audience. If starting out, choose a general topic that has a wide appeal then leverage through that by tightening your focus.

4) Proving your case – With the rise of social media, it has become easier to address objections. A company who knows how to respond says a lot about dedication. Show your numbers and gather all your testimonials. These are additional proof that you actually know what you’re doing and you’re great at it.

5) Putting your best foot forward – Make your website as optimized as possible. With everyone having easy access to the internet, make sure that your website looks on point whether it’s on desktop or mobile.


Ready to take on the next set of tips? Stay tuned for Part 2!

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