About Us

lay Media is a leading digital media company based in Irvine, California.

From start-ups companies to Fortune 500 companies Clay Media has played critical roles in digital media management and campaigns for some of the world's biggest organizations and most popular brands.

Our team developed some of the first web, ecommerce, and digital media campaigns in 1997 that are still in practice today. Our success on achieving optimum results are based on the employment of sound strategy, creativity, innovative technologies, and meticulous project management skills. We're different because we make the difference. Thinking, listening, and providing solutions for complex digital media situations has been a natural trait for Clay Media since its genesis.

We develop solid and tangible online (and offline) strategies that do not require contingencies, by inducing creative design and incorporating innovative technology into the nucleus of your business to increase brand name recognition and create the required awareness. We also invent promotional campaigns that are cost conscious and improve customer'sloyalty. Throughout the whole process never losing the sight of the actual objective and that is growing your business,

Primary Objectives (Mission)

For every action there is definitely a reaction. A positive reaction to the growth of your business is what our actions are all about. Getting the limelight to shine upon our client's products and services is our ultimate goal. We believe that by bringing success to our clients, we bring success to ourselves. Brand recognition, social media management, awareness and increased revenue for our clients is the core of Clay Media's primary objectives.


To be second to none in the realm of providing marketing concepts and digital media solutions in the United States of America.

The Team

Our team consists of pure visionaries in every aspect of the marketing and digital media world. Our high caliber individuals are considered the legionnaires of cyber world. Intelligence, diversity, experience and creativity is what defines us from the rest. Achieving our clients target is the sole intention behind every single action committed by the team who are passionate about life, people, the community, and primarily all about achieving positive results.

Having been the crew behind some of America's most influential brands, we are looking forward to your engagement with us and for the opportunity to work on your next digital campaign.

The Legionnaires of Clay Media

Corporate Responsibility

With leadership comes responsibility, and we have made ourselves accountable towards the environment, our community and workplace. We are an environmentally friendly company that takes our friendliness home with us by:

  • Saving energy
  • Minimizing the use of paper
  • Recycling
  • Car pooling

The above are compulsory curriculums for each and every staff of our company's to minimize the impact of our actions unto the environment in order to be positive influences towards the communities in which we work and live in.


Chris developed my website for me and created it from scratch. I communicated my ideas of what I wanted and the "feel" for the site. After sitting and discussing with me over lunch my thoughts and ideas he had it down! I love my site - it is really reflective of me and my business. Whenever I need something done on it he is responsive and gets to it quickly while keeping me up to date on the progress.

- Keverne Collison - BalancedVitality.com