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Marketer, motivated, musician. These three words can easily sum up Chris as a person.

Hailing from East Oakland, California, his motivation started young as a ball boy for the Oakland A’s and the Golden State Warriors. Motivation is fickle, but Chris stuck with this and developed his interest in music. He’s got a heavy creative background, especially in music. He also trained in classical piano at the San Francisco Conservatory.

Chris decided to attend UC Irvine over UCLA and other well-known schools because he wasn’t attracted to the city life. It was there that he studied graduated with a degree in International Studies, but also pursued a major and minor in computer science. This helped give him key skills in Javascript and C++ that now serve as foundational skills in his current career as a digital marketer and company owner.

His dedication to music didn’t subside at this time, either. While attending university he also interned with Universal Records in the Promotions department. This required him to drive from Irvne to Beverly Hills three times a week…all for free! But he knew the value of an opportunity like this, and since music is a big part of his life, he put all of his effort into this internship.

After graduating and spending a year with the Cleveland Indians as their video coordinator, Chris started his first company. His time with the Indians showed him the extent that technology and video played a part in marketing. He was ready to make his own move. His video production company worked with clients like Alex Rodriguez, Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, and Jason Giambi.

This venture led to his position as an IT Manager for an investment firm in Newport Beach. When he was 18 and working with baseball teams, a few players pooled their money and had him manage 120k for them, so this let him revisit his interest in finance.

Finally, Chris took the leap that led to The Clay Media. When he started, he had nothing, but being a motivated and knowledgeable person in the technology and marketing fields helped him. Without any investors, Chris used the resources he had to create the thriving company The Clay Media is now.

The Clay Media has developed e-commerce websites and ran marketing for companies that collectively do more than 100 million in annual sales. The client centric solutions approach has brought the company into the aesthetics world and many other industries. The goal is to provide top service based on the team’s extensive knowledge of digital marketing, mobile transactions, and branding.

Although large brands and celebrities has been the focus, Chris’ initial vision was to provide websites to anyone who wanted a professional, clean website. The Clay Media is currently releasing a sister brand that focuses on the needs of companies that are not as established and are looking for quality with a system that fits their business model. Chris wants to bring quality websites fast to those who want to get ahead in their industry but aren’t sure how to do it.

Running a large agency with multiple offices, and doing business across many countries has it’s challenges, but Chris keeps his life balanced by continuing his passion for music, spending time with his family, and trying out the digital nomad life while spending time at the beach in Maui.

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