Top 10 Ways To Make Your Headlines Pop

Headlines are extremely important in writing, especially for creating copy for an advertisement, newsletter, feature article, blog, etc. This is what your readers first encounter, so it must be eye-catching and extremely interesting for them to even bother clicking or reading. Here are the top 10 ways to make your headlines pop! 1) Make your […]

Why You Should Know Your Customers

It is important to know your clients and customers well. It is not enough to know their basic info. You must also be knowledgeable in what their interests are, their background, their hobbies, what makes them tick. This way, you would know how to approach them better, which ideas and proposals would stick to them, […]

Top 3 Things You Should Do To Have Loyal Customers

Want to have loyal customers? Remember these 3 things: 1) Keep your customers excited – Build their excitement and anticipation with new content, events, perks and whatnot.   2) Build a personality that will make you popular with our customers – Don’t be static and market-y. Be YOU! Make your brand as real and relatable […]

How To Protect Your Most Irreplaceable Asset

Our TIME is the only asset that we can never replace and take back. We must value our time highly and make good use of it. The moment we use our time well, we are able to accomplish more things in little time, hence we can devote extra time to developing ideas and improving your […]

Why You Should Build Your Email Marketing Now

Never take email marketing for granted. Invest in your content and make them worthy of your readers’ time, because the competition is high on their inbox–you have to make sure that they get to check our email/eblast. You don’t want to slack off on what we’re sending to your clients, instead, you must focus on […]

Flagman Giveaway Case Study or “Going Audience Hunting”

The goal of the giveaway was to grow the Flagman Store’s “web presence” – we wanted to build their audience.   But first, why build an audience at all?   When we do any kind of marketing activity, we are always trying to get our message in front of the most targeted audience that we […]

How To Handle Objections

When you go into sales, there will always be objections and doubts—and that’s OK! It just means that you got their attention, and does not necessarily mean that they cannot make the purchase. They just have several reasons for saying so: “It costs too much…” “I don’t need it” “I need to talk to my […]

Struggling With Sales? Here’s The First Thing You Should Do

Never take sales for granted. Make sure that there are people in the team whose sole focus are on sales. Start with a small team and have their focus and dedication on the company’s sales–from conception of ideas to making the sale. It doesn’t stop there. Being and breathing in sales is a learning process, […]

The Secret to Making Your Sales Force Productive

One of the best things that management can do to boost the performance of their sales team is to make them accountable for their time. Help your team use their time smartly to be productive and gain favorable results. Also, it is important to have an effective strategy in prospecting. It requires strategy, strong willpower […]

Top 5 Direct Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

Direct marketing can greatly help small businesses get promoted and eventually make the sale. These 5 strategies require little to no money but promise significant results: Media advertising – Examples are coupons ads, sale codes, etc. Fact: Direct response advertising is 99% measurable. Mail and digital media – Examples include gift cards, sale e-blasts, newsletters, […]