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​Q. Why do we ask so many questions before we even get to the consultation?

​A. We need to know what's important to you so we can advise you during our consultation. The more we know up front, the more value we can offer.

​Q. Is "consultation" code for "sales-pitch"?

​A. No. Trust us, we hate that too. Our consultation is more like a first date. We talk about your business, your goals and how we can help. If we can't provide any value, there's no way we'll try to take your money. 

​Q. I need help right now. Can we skip the consultation?

​A. Sorry, no, we don't work like that. You wouldn't trust a doctor who wrote you a prescription without checking out your symptoms. We're the same way. First we talk about your needs, then we talk about working together.

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