7 Strategies for Business Owners to Work Smarter

Productivity can be subjective at times, but there are several traits and attitudes that are mostly found in productive people, especially business owners.   We need not to do all 7 traits but it helps to try and see which works for us best in order to make productive use of our day.   Wake […]


No more excuses! You have a website. You have a platform to directly communicate with your customers 24/7. If you’re not using it then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Most business owners we talk to fail to leverage the vast opportunity they have to dazzle and keep their customers engaged and delighted every […]

How to Get More Customers for Your Restaurant Using Digital Marketing

If you own a restaurant, you most likely have witnessed the importance of promoting your restaurant, effectively online. Although imperative, online marketing is not the end all be all because traditional marketing avenues including printed promotions, flyers and print ads, still work if executed correctly and or in conjunction with your website.

Google Gives Small Businesses A Boost With New Features [Infograph]

The Google Performance Summit last May 2016 revealed new features that targeted marketers of small businesses, all to be revealed in the months to follow. These exciting new features can help small businesses zone in on their local customers and see increased website and foot traffic. See the infograph below to learn more! Can’t wait […]

Special Report: Google AdWords vs SEO: Which Should You Focus on?

The 2 most powerful methods you can use when marketing online are Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They engage the consumer at a critical moment: when they are searching for your product or service. Studies show consumers making a product or service search, are ready and able to purchase. That being said, AdWords […]

Why Does My Business Need Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a top marketing strategy that has been going strong for years and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. While it seems too simple, that’s where its beauty lies: its simplicity, ease of automation, and enormously wide reach is not only easy: it’s incredibly effective. If you haven’t already invested in Email […]

How Much Does Website Development Cost in 2016?

Add Media Without a doubt, the most common burning question I receive is, “how much does it cost to build a website?”  While the question is innocent enough, let me pose this question in return: how much does it cost to build a house? Website development has become a sticky subject of confusion among budding […]

Why Most Business Marketing Falls Flat and the Single Biggest Hack To Solve The Problem

Most business owners understand and acknowledge the importance of marketing only on a theoretical level. Unfortunately, leaving it in the theoretical realm is extremely dangerous to their profits and the longevity of their business. While marketing has the power to extend the life of a business for decades and guarantee repeat customers and clients, the […]

The One Word That Could Put You Out of Business in 2016.

Today there is a rapid shift that is occurring faster and faster, increasing in speed month after month, day after day. If you own a business you may be feeling it by the hour.It’s possible you are neglecting the signs however it’s likely your competitors aren’t.In 2016 this one word could put you out of […]

Why I Use Automation ( And Maybe You Should Too )

If you are a business owner, then you know the importance of being able to create “systems” in your business that operate independent of your involvement.Maybe you “know” about the importance of this, yet haven’t applied it to yourbusiness. Many are in this boat and it’s a boat that you want to quickly get outof […]