3 Ways To Get More Comments on Your Social Posts

Comments are the highest form of “engagement” and your favorite social media platform Is rewarding you every time you get comments on your posts. How do they reward you for this?  They show your post to more people. If your post does not get likes or comments, it will show your post to less people. It’s just […]

Do These 4 Things FIRST if Your Site Is Loading Slow!

It’s like a nightmare! Your website loads slower than a dial-up connection in 1997! You want to get tons of traffic to your site, but you know no one is going to stay through this misery! You have a web “guy” but they tell you that it’s already optimized the best that it can possibly […]

Struggle With Delegating Clearly?

Know the secret to clear communication? [ 1 question can change everything? ] “I’ve had it!” “Done!” “My staff never gets me!!!” This sound like you? If you manage a team, these thoughts may invade your mind like Clash of Clans. “Why won’t they just take action?” If you find yourself having to: – do […]

The True Key To Success

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This statement may seem true to some people but the real thing is that you will only be able to do what you love after you’ve become successful. The thing is, success isn’t simple and it doesn’t happen overnight, but ‘success […]

Top 10 Sales Strategies That Really Sell

Adults sell for today. Professionals sell for life. Here are James Altucher’s rules to selling anything, approved by Dan Kennedy himself: Do business with people you actually like Practice saying “No” Always over-deliver Never take “no” for an answer Practice under-pricing Become the source and deliver value Sell everything Sell the dream Fire customers Be […]

How Do You Make More Customers?

There are 4 important things you can do to make more customers, clients and bag more sales: Create a system – Having a solid system makes everything fall into place properly. This also makes everything work seamlessly and efficiently because there is order. Swipe from proven promotions – Starting a campaign from scratch is a […]

How To Get Your Customers To Refer You

Customers don’t refer companies and businesses automatically because it’s not their responsibility to. Most people continue to patronize a product or service because of convenience, and sometimes, that’s all there is. There is also no motivation for them to do so. Will there be an immediate benefit to them once they recommend your product or […]

The 4 Things You Need To Create Your Big Breakthrough

When everything’s so fast-paced, how do we achieve and experience phenomenal growth? Here are 4 ways: 1. Constantly look for ways to accelerate the pace of actually making things happen – Speed is of importance especially now that everything’s moving so fast in so little time. You have to learn to adapt and ride the […]

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